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Welcome to Fast Road Conversions, the manufacturers of Powerspeed custom handmade stainless and mild steel exhaust systems and manifolds. We can remap most makes and models of vehicle for performance or economy. We specialise in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems and we're also roll cage manufacturer specialists for show cars, which we can design and build to your specification.


Our fully fitted workshop can accomodate up to 5 cars at any time, which gives Fast Road Conversions the ability to do all our work in house and to work on multiple vehicles at once.
We have a team of dedicated staff with over 80 years experience combined within the trade to suit your needs from exhausts, manifolds, diagnostics and servicing.

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What can we do?

Custom Exhaust Systems
Stainless Steel Manifolds
DPF Removals
Catalytic Converters
Performance and Economy Remapping
Fabrication and Welding
EGR Blanking
Roll Cage Fabrication
Turbo Reconditioning

DPF Removals performed here

Fast Road Conversions recognises the problems found in most modern turbo-diesel vehicles and we have a solution!


Complete DPF Removal. "Drive-in, drive-out" solution. DPF function removed from your ECU. No more regenerations or problems and increase economy and performance!

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